Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sunday, February 10, 2013


What's better than eating olives on your finger?  Eating olives on your finger with your sis! :)

Pictures of our new place in Rye

Literally our front yard.  This was taken from our windows in the family room.

Our front room.  I was getting ready to do a workout video

Our dining area (hooked to front room.  Kitchen is on right)  Mason kept trying to get in the pictures.

Our princesses.  :)  They have been wanting to wear these dresses daily now.  Kaci's smile reminds me of Lyla here.

Front room, taken from dining area.  We still need to get a couch.  I'll have to post pics of our old one next.  :)

Cute picture of Kaci.  I have her wear this shirt on days that we aren't going anywhere, 'cuz it's a Christmas shirt...but why waste a perfectly good shirt, especially one that she loves?  :)

Hallway where the three bedrooms are.

Dining room looking into kitchen

Family room downstairs.  This is the perfect place for the kids to do crafts and play dough, etc.  I wish the floors had carpet, but we will prob try to get some cheap cuts from Home Depot or something.

Boys room.  They were excited to have their bunk beds separate.  They are supposed to be in charge of keeping it clean and putting laundry away, hence the half-open drawers.

Office and where we store the toys.  Again, hopefully we'll be getting some carpet or rug since the kids seem to congregate around me when I'm working, but I don't like ha;ving them in there with that floor.

Another shot of our front yard.
So, as usual, I have a lot of catching up to do, but I have had some requests to show pictures of our new place.  I wish we were further unpacked than we are, but after the first day or so, I had to start doing normal stuff like laundry, getting kids three meals a day, taking Mason to school, cleaning constantly just to keep up with the normal day to day we are just taking it slow.  Here are some pictures of our new place, please excuse the mess! :)

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Once there was a snowman....

Kaci really enjoys reading the books we have about snowmen.

So, when she begged and begged me to help her make one, I just couldn't say no, even though my first inclination was to just encourage her brothers to help her. 

One requirement of a good snowman is that it is taller than you.  Check.  :)

Monday, December 10, 2012


It's a pretty exciting day when we get out the kids' jackets for the cooler weather.

Even though this was October, Kaci and Carter were jumping up and down saying, "It's Christmas Time!  It's Christmas Time!"

Of course we had to let Makynzie enjoy the cooler weather too.

It's so fun to see her toddle around her in fall clothes.  :)

Friday, November 9, 2012

Fall Fun

What are some ways you can tell it's fall around here?
Eating apples.  On a side note Makynzie was the first one to grab an apple from the fridge.  She came walking in from the kitchen eating it and with the hugest grin, oh so proud of herself.  :)

Carter got that injury while he was at the Kids' Club at the Gym..apparently he was trying to jump on a big ball (?) and missed and landed flat on his face.  Poor guy!

Kids + Leaves = Always a fun time

They were "shoveling" the leaves.  We probably should teach them the proper way...

Mason would bring shovelfuls to the trash can around front.  Such a good helper! :)