Thursday, October 4, 2012

Splash Pad!

It wouldn't be summer without a trip to the splash pad!  (What did we do when we were this age?  I certainly don't remember having these!)

WE like to meet our friends Christy, Katie, and Sophie there.  Kaci and Sophie are only a month or so apart and I hope they can be great friends like their mamas.  :)

I apologize to my boys...they were here too, but they are much harder to catch on camera because there are some concrete stairs that the older kids always end up using as a water slide. 

Cute sisters!

There's one of my MIA boys!

I thought Kynzie was sad because she was missing like any good mother would do, I made her join in the fun

Looks like I misinterpreted her sad face earlier.  She really was hoping NOT to get wet! :)  The older girls were so excited to help her enjoy it, but looks like it wasn't happening today
Here's a close up of that sad little face. 

Kaci had fun though!

And just for a good measure, here's a picture of my other MIA boy around the same time.  Yes that is a real snake in the "bug" catcher Mason got for his bday and no I was not excited about it like he was.  :)