Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Blessing of a Princess

Makynzie Noel was given a name and a blessing on April 22, 2012, by her daddy.  She was blessed to be a light and a joy to our family and to make many righteous choices throughout her life.  We have definitely come to appreciate this pretty little girl's cheerful disposition and cannot do without her great big smile!

Her beautiful blessing dress was lovingly made by my friend and old roommate, Christy Lowe.  It is so pretty and I cannot get a picture to do it justice.  Thank you, Christy for giving Makynzie such a gorgeous dress to wear!

We love you, Sweetie pie!  For her special day, Kynzie was able to have both sets of grandparents, Uncle Aaron, Uncle Kris, Uncle Erik, Uncle AJ, Aunt Cindy, Lyla, and Phoebe; and Uncle Forrest, Aunt Katie, and Jack; and Uncle Michael in attendance.  We were sure grateful they could come and be with us!

Not everyone is looking, but this is the best we could manage.

These boys take good care of each other!

As soon as she was changed out of her dress, Daddy couldn't resist giving Kynzie her first bite of strawberries.  She seemed to love them!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Meeting Jack Forrest Clark

My nephew, Jack, was born on March 6, 2012.  I felt so lucky that he was born in Orem so I was able to come visit him hours after his birth.

Holding brand new babies is always so special.  Right here, Jack had just come from Heavenly Father!

Katie looked great and it was so fun to see her.

She and Forrest are fantastic parents and we are so happy to be in the same ward so that we can see them often!

Mason was very gentle with Jack and really wanted to hold him.  He is excited to have a boy cousin living so close!

Because Makynzie is the first of four baby grandchildren born all within 3 1/2 months, she always gets to look like a giant  in the pictures, even though she is only 20% for weight and height.  We can't wait to get a picture with her and baby Scarlett and with all four baby cousins together!

Jack and Kynzie always look really interested in each other when they see each other.  It's that special bond of just being in heaven and waiting for the same extended family.  :)

All the kids were excited to come and see Katie and baby Jack.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Flashback to Christmas

Christmas Eve Jammies brought by the elves (four kids, wow!)

David found this idea on pinterest.  You tape up the kids' room so that no one could sneak out and they bust through it Christmas morning.

This is what Kaci thought about that idea.  :)  She was so distraught and cried the whole time I was taping it up.  I had to finally take down half of it and tape it back up after she fell asleep.  :)

Seeing if Santa came

Carter got a big dinosaur

Kaci loves her Tangled doll and stroller.

Mason got Bakugan paraphernalia

With their Pillow Pets.  :)  Commercial marketers sure know how to get my kids! :)  They really are fun for them, thanks Grandma and Grandpa! :)

With her pillow pet...but it is really Kaci's.  :)

These pictures are really similar, but are good of different kids so I put them both in.  Notice how the Christmas mess behind them has no organization whatsoever? :)

Friday, May 4, 2012

Hangin' in the Crib. :)

When she was just over 3 months, Makynzie began sleeping in her own crib in the kids' room. 

She was very excited and couldn't stop smiling and looking around.

Kaci (and Mason and Carter too) were also happy and eager to help in the transition.  :)

Here she is after she fell asleep for the first time in her crib.  I think she's enjoying the extra room.  :)
And here she is waking up for the first time, happy as always.  :)