Monday, December 21, 2009

Saturday before Christmas

So, from these first pictures, you can probably guess what we did on Saturday night. :) Yes, that would be the last Saturday night before Christmas. I really really didn't intend to go this late in the season...but Saturdays are our only night where David and I both don't work...and it just worked out that this was the first time that we could go.

David told me it would be crowded. I agreed with him...but I didn't imagine it would be so crowded that once we got within three blocks of the temple we would spend an additional 50 minutes in traffic just hoping to get near the parking, which at that point we didn't really have much hope of finding any spots.

Carter was asleep for most of it, so that was a blessing. Mason was being really good and was excited to see the temple. He finally started asking to go home...and we almost just seemed hopeless that we would find any parking.

This paragraph might be TMI so if you don't like reading about potty training type experiences...just skip it. :)
Every parent of a toddler knows how much urgency is behind the phrase "I have to go potty!" At least around our house, that usually means we have 2 to 3 minutes to get him to the bathroom before he starts crying because he's trying so hard to hold it and it is just so hard. Poor little guy. Well we heard the familiar "I have to go potty" while we were waiting at a red light in the middle of Salt Lake without any hope of getting anywhere fast, much less a bathroom. David happened to have a McDonald's cup that he quickly emptied and then I had Mason get out of his carseat, (he was pretty confused at first) and yup...he went in the cup. Boys have it so easy. Since we were in standstill traffic, I didn't feel bad having him out of his carseat for those few minutes and it was easy for David to just dump it in the street. Mason was excited that he got to do it and kept telling Carter about it when Carter woke up. We were just relieved to have a possible disaster averted!

Anyways...back to the temple. We were literally on our way home because we did not want to spend the next hour in traffic, moving about 2 car lengths every 5 minutes...when we stumbled upon a huge almost empty parking lot...It was about four blocks away from the temple and completely free of charge. I don't think anyone really knew about it. The walk wasn't bad at all. So we were able to take the boys to see the lights at temple square! It is so beautiful and there's just something about having the backdrop of the temple that makes it extra special. We walked right up to the temple and Mason kept asking if he could go inside. I explained how only when we are a little older can we go inside, but that if he does what Heavenly Father and Mommy and Daddy ask that he will definitely get to go inside. I hope I can help him to keep this sweet desire always.

We also stopped in the visitor center, mainly to warm up and so I could change Carter's diaper. There is a big picture of President Monson in there and Mason was so excited to see it on the way in. On the way out, our sweet little Carter was the one who pointed at the picture and exclaimed "Monson! Monson!" Carter is always quick to point out pictures of Jesus at church and every where he sees them.

On the way home, Mason suddenly asked if we could get President Monson a Christmas gift. He is so sweet! He wondered if he had a house (because if he didn't he thought we should get one for him). I really hope that he will be able to meet our prophet someday because he is always so excited about seeing him.

Despite the traffic problems, I'm really glad that we were able to go and experience the Christmas lights at Temple square. Here are the rest of the pictures. I'm too lazy to organize and caption them.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Seeing Santa

The other night we took the boys to see Santa. There was a lady in front of us who had her daughters all looking and smiling perfectly and sitting completely still. Granted, her youngest was probably a few years older than Mason.

Our experience was a little different. We couldn't bring ourselves to pay 15 dollars for one picture, so we just took our own. We were only allowed one shot and this is what we got. Carter is trying to jump out of his arms and Mason doesn't really want to be there either. But I like it. It shows the stages they are at right now and I'm glad that we got the traditional Santa picture.

The next day Mason kept saying he wanted to go back because he remembered that he wanted a skate board. I think he might be a little young for that...he said he saw some older kids playing with theirs when he was doing his sidewalk chalk and they never fell off theirs, so he is sure he wouldn't fall off his.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The animal fort

Because I work most evenings, (I am so lucky that I just have to go to our home office to go to work so I am still sort of home with my little ones) David gets to spend lots of time with the boys. He is so creative with them and really helps them to have fun evenings. The other night, both boys came running in excitedly, begging for me to take a break and come see what daddy made. This is what I saw:

If you look closely, you can see that they built a fort to put all the animals in and the dinosaurs are staging an attack on the animals.

They boys were beyond thrilled about this. They are so lucky to have a daddy who plays with them and always has creative ideas to keep them entertained!

They are growling in this picture. :)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Fun times with family over Thanksgiving

We were very lucky for Thanksgiving to have my parents and Brandon and Diana and their family travel to Utah. All because of this little lady:

Isn't she beautiful? Lyla Delcie Maudsley is the newest addition to the Barker family and we all just love her to pieces.

Mason and Carter couldn't have been more thrilled to be able to spend some time with their cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. (Is stole most of these pictures from my sisters-thanks guys!)

Growing up, I was lucky enough to have lots of cousins. Mason doesn't have very many, but I am so grateful that he gets along so well with the ones he does have. They are truly his best friends!

He and Levi will be buddies for life.

Carter had so much fun with Lexi and Tori and still talks about them, especially when he see their pictures. The girls were so good to take care of him, and would walk around, each of them holding his hand. It was so sweet!

My little cutie!

Carter will always go to his Grandpa. Even though it was sometimes hard for him to have so much commotion.

Here is our family, we love getting together! We are just missing Charbel and can't wait for her to join us!

All the Barker cousins in one place...Haha, even our little girl is in it (my stomach is right above Levi and Tori)

Mason loves his family so much!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Getting Carter to smile

Since I got my first published blog book back, I have been more diligent in trying to capture pictures to blog about so that we can have a more complete history when I finally get around to doing our blog book for 2009. I have been having the hardest time though getting Carter to look at the camera and smile. He is just not interested. I try to be funny and say things or do things that will make him look at me, and if I am successful, I snap the picture. But our camera is not quick enough to catch his slight interest...and after 10 to 15 minutes of trying...I end up with things like this:

Or this:

Or even this:

Does anyone else have this problem with your one-year-olds?

I was able to find these pictures that do capture the smiley boy that we know so well. :)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Dear Mason

Dear Mason:
Tonight you said the sweetest prayer. I want to document it. You are getting so big and you can say wonderful prayers with only the slightest promptings from us. You are very sweet and have a sweet testimony already. I know that if you continue to pray, you will always feel peace when you talk to your Father in Heaven. Your prayer went something like this:

Dear Heavenly Father:

(Mom-"What are you thankful for?")

"I am thankful for everything. I am thankful for my underwear. I am thankful for clothes. I am thankful for my bed (peeking around the room to see what you are thankful for). I am thankful that Carter and I got to run around screaming. (You were having fun playing) I am thankful that Carter and I made soup in the pot." (Your soup looks pretty tasty to me! :) )

If you look closely, you can see that you got both you and Carter spoons out so that you could taste your soup. You are trying to put the soup on the spoon in this picture.

(Mom-"Is there anyone you want to bless or anything you want help with?")

"Please bless my cousins (always the first people that you ask to bless). Please bless my Grandmas and Grandpas. Please bless that Carter won't come in my bed tonight. Please bless that Carter won't take my books. Please help me not to be afraid in my bed."

"In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen."

Then you proudly tell me "I said 'Lord Jesus Christ.'

Within 2 minutes of this prayer you were sound asleep. And Carter did not come in your bed. Your prayer was answered! :)

Here are some nights when Carter did come into your bed:

I can't imagine why you wouldn't want him in there with you? Haha It looks like you got booted down to the bottom.

Here it looks like you are squished to one side while Carter takes up most of the room. :)

Monday, November 9, 2009

The first of many school days to come

Mason start preschool two weeks ago! We have been waiting and waiting and finally the day arrived. He started later because his teacher (a lady in our ward) had a baby in August and postponed her preschool's starting date until October. Mason sure was excited when the day finally came! He had a brand new backpack and some new supplies to put in it. Carter looks excited in this picture, and he was...but he didn't really understand that his buddy would be leaving him. The whole time that Mason is gone, Carter is constantly saying "Mason?" wishing that he is still there to play with.

The day of his first class, it was a little chilly, so we had to make sure Mason was bundled up nice and warm to walk the 1/2 block to his teacher's house.

Here he is waiting for class to start. Mason loves school and everytime I come to pick him up he tells me that he isn't ready to go yet. His school is only twice a week for two hours a day, which I thought would be good to start since he's only three. Hopefully his love for school will continue when he's older...

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Why I am Blessed....

Just a week late!

Our Halloween was fun! Too bad our camera batteries died twice so even the extra batteries I brought didn't allow us to get a picture of both of the boys together in their costumes looking at the this picture will have to do. This is right before Mason's preschool Halloween party, so that is why Carter isn't dressed up. They are saying "heeyaah!". Mason's preschool is just down the street and in the stroller on the way over, they were both kicking their feet and pretending to be ninjas.

We went to our ward's trunk or treat. There were lots of kids there and it was kind of crazy. I stayed in our trunk and passed out candy and David took our Ninja Turtle and Tiger around to get treats. Here is a picture I snapped of them when they were across from me...

Carter has definitely inherited his mother's sweet tooth, so this holiday was heaven for him. He was pretty tired at this point, but very content to sit in the back of the car and enjoy the fruits of his labors...

Our boys trunk or treating...

Is it just me or does my belly look really big in this picture? Yikes.

I don't think that trunk or treating is really representative of true trick or later we took the boys to do it the traditional way. We also stopped by Roger and Christy's house to say hello. Later on, I took Mason and Carter to show Aunt Katie their Halloween costumes. It was fun because her roommates were throwing her a b-day party and we got to be there to watch her blow out the candles. I was really bummed that our camera was dead!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Carter's Sleeping Habits

It seems like I was just doing a post about Mason being transitioned to a big boy bed...and already it's Carter's turn! We have moved them to their own beds at about the same age-just after 18 months, so maybe that is why they both fall asleep in similar positions.

I thought that Carter might have an easier time because for a while now, whenever I would put him in down in his crib-he would see Mason's Sponge Bob bed and get so excited and want to lie in it for a while. We found a bed on that was the same model of bed that Mason had, except in the Cars theme that had never been used. Of course we had to have it for Carter.

Mason really wanted the Cars bed, and since Carter doesn't really care, we let Mason have the Cars bed and Carter gets the Sponge Bob bed. Carter has done well! He does some of the same things that Mason did. It is just too much of a temptation not to get out of bed when we walk out of the room, so we have to make sure the door is shut tightly or else he'll just come wandering out.

We usually hear some cries and complaints when he realizes he isn't getting out. Sometimes he'll bang things against the door. But, he almost always now ends up back in his...or Mason's bed.

A few times we have been treated to scenes like these when we hear that the noises have stopped and go in to check on him:

I like this picture because if you look close, you can see him cuddling with a toy tiger. I had given it to him to play with when I put him down...and then I heard him by the door for at least 10 minutes banging and playing and reading books. I was surprised to see that he had carried it back to bed and cuddled with it and some books.

I love this picture...Mason had fallen asleep way before him. This was one of the first nights that Carter was in his new bed. I think it's so sweet how he climbed up on Mason's bed to read and fell asleep leaned over his book.

How can you not love this picture? Since I've been working, sometimes the boys have a harder time falling asleep so David let them go to sleep on our bed. This is how we found them a little later.

I just had to include this picture because it sort of fits with the theme. Mason has been potty trained and doing so well for a long time now. One time he was really tired and this is how we found him. :)

Click here to see pictures of Mason in similar positions, minus the big brother. Looking at my post of Mason, I have a lot more of Mason...I guess I will just try to capture more of Carter to make it even!