Monday, June 14, 2010

Getting as much use as we can out of it!

When Mason was 4 months old, I realized that he was at the age that can start enjoying those exersaucer/jumpy-type toys. I remember becoming obsessed with getting him one and I did lots of research and tried to find the best price for a nice one. For some reason, I remember we got it on Halloween, so he was actually almost 5 months.

I was so excited to put him in it and see how much fun he had. I was glad that I had made the purchase.

Fast forward about 21 months or so and I realized that Carter was now ready for the jumping toy. I tried him in it and he seemed to enjoy just like his brother before him. So it was a success for two children!

Mason had fun reliving the funness of this musical bouncy toy and that made it twice as much fun for Carter to see not just mommy, but big brother Mason dancing around to the lights and music that the toy makes.

Now here we are, 3.5 years later (from its original appearance) and the third member of the Ford family has realized what a fun toy this can be!

Of course, Kacianna has realized that everything is much more fun when her brothers are around so her smiles comes easily when they are there to smile at her. And yes, it takes multiple pictures so that I can show off each of my children's smile. WE are still working at them all smiling at the camera at the same time. :)

I can't believe how much time has gone by and how big all my babies are getting!