Saturday, September 22, 2012

Bowling and Jumping with the Whites

This summer we signed up for a kids bowl free program where the kids all got two free games a day (we didn't go every day though ha), and we only had to pay for shoes.  They also had $1 hot dogs and corn dogs so it made for a great outing.  We met our good friends the Whites there a few times and had so much fun!

Sometimes I succeed in making Kaci's hairstyle really cute and so I usually try to snap a picture to document it.  :)

Getting ready to bowl!  The kids always liked to choose different names like Pokemon, Hulk, or Curious George (I'll let you guess who chose which one) to represent them when bowling.

He was usually a little more excited than he is letting on.  :)

Kaci really got into it and loved bringing her ball over all by herself

Makynzie, as always, was the perfect onlooker and was content to watch from her carseat

Brielle and Kaci sharing some candy...

The whole group!

These girls are such cute friends!  The pictures below, I stole all of them from Chantel.  I don't know why they are so big and my comments don't show up.  We also had a fun time going to a Jumpy place with the Whites.  I never brought my camera, but here are some great shots Chantel got for me.  
The best part of places like this is that it is such a great place to get rid of excess energy!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Sprinkler fun

Summer would not be complete without some fun in the sprinklers!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Aquarium Visit

A year or so ago I was able to get a great deal on season tickets to the Aquarium from a deal site.  We have been able to enjoy these passes several times in the past year and since they expired at the end of August, we made sure to use them one last time before school started.

The kids are always excited to see all of the animals here and were all talking at once and trying to show me things.  They especially like the glow in the dark jelly fish, octopus, anaconda, sharks, poison frogs...well just about everything!

Petting the manrays (with stingers removed) is definitely a highlight every time.  The boys (especially Carter) always walk away with a soaked shirt.  It is really cool when they come right up to you and you can pet it though!

I love this one of Kynzie trying to escape.  :)

There was a penguin for each of them to compare themselves to...