Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bringing Home Makynzie

There was much excitement surrounding the arrival of Makynzie into our home. I knew that as soon as I got home, Kynzie and I would go from our quiet hospital room to a relative whirlwind of activity and noise, so I decided to take the opportunity to have a brief photo shoot before we entered the hustle and bustle of being at home. I always try to take the opportunity to snap a few photos when her eyes are open during these first few days because it is a rare occurrence. :) The picture of her in her car seat is still one of my favorites.

Makynzie came home on a Sunday and Grandpa, Grandma, and Uncle Michael were going to take the kids to church while David brought us home from the hospital. Since the hospital is 1 minute away, we arrived just as they were walking there. :) When Kaci saw me, she wanted me to hold her and just kept saying "Mama," and since I hadn't been there with her for three nights, I couldn't make her leave me again so she got to stay with us while the others went to church. Daddy had done a great job on her hair that morning, by the way. :) Here she is when we first got into the house... This is such a typical "Kaci look" right now and I had to include it even though it doesn't really represent how she feels about her baby sister coming home. Kacianna has always been so excited about the baby and always kissed my stomach. Meeting Makynzie has only intensified her love for her and she is always very loving to her. She smothers her (gently) with kisses whenever she sees her and always wants to lie next to her and share things with her. The closest thing to jealousy that we have seen from her is that once in a great while, she will point to Makynzie's bassinet when I am holding her and i know she means she wants me to put her down. I am so grateful that these two are close in age and that they will grow up having not only two fun big brothers, but a sister to share things with as well! Grandpa and Uncle Michael stopped by one last time before making the drive back to Littleton. I was so happy that it worked out that Makynzie was born while they were here so that they could meet her! It was so perfect. Mason and Carter both are the best big brothers Kynzie could hope for. They are very attentive to her and always wanting to make sure she is okay. I have not seen any jealousy from these two either. It was so nice to have my mom be able to stay and help with things for the first week that Makynzie was in our home. The kids sure loved having Grandma read to them and play with them and I loved being able to nurse the baby in peace and know that my kids were happy and having fun. Mom also cooked delicious dinners every night and made sure the housework was caught up on, (not a small feat with four little ones with endless amounts of energy) I think sheets and blankets were pulled off the beds quite a few times (they make great landing pads when jumping of bunkbeds) haha. Just one example of why my house is usually not in perfect order. :) Anyways, the Maudsley's also came down the first week that Kynzie was born and it was so fun to see them! I had to include the pic of Cindy helping Mason hold Makynzie 'cuz i know there is a similar one with Cindy helping him hold Kaci just two years earlier. :) Mason loves to take pictures and whenever he can get a hold of our camera, he will always take a bunch. He has even started to train Carter to take pictures of him. I had to laugh at these last pics that he took. The potato is a creation that he and Carter invented while I was feeding Makynzie one time. :)