Saturday, December 11, 2010

Preschool Graduation June 2010

From day one, Mason has loved preschool. He has a really great teacher, Miss Rachel. He attended school two days a week for two hours and this was just perfect for him. He looked forward to it and really learned a lot. Since Miss Rachel only lives a block away, we get to walk there, which makes it fun, too. Mason was unbelievably excited and hyper for his graduation. He felt so grown up and he was so enthusiastic. It really meant a lot that Uncle Dan, aunt Charbel and aunt Katie were able to come to show support. It meant a lot to have them attend his special day. Mason proudly sung all the songs and reminded his teacher of all the parts coming up in the program. David and I were so proud of our friendly, outgoing, enthusiastic boy! We hope that this is a great start for him and that he continues to love learning throughout his life! Carter can't wait for his turn at preschool so that "Miss Rachel will color with me!!" :) You can see in one of the pictures that Carter is already practicing for his turn!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Fall pictures

What blog would be complete without some good fall pictures? Here are was actually pretty cold so we didn't last much longer after this, but I think that Kacianna would have actually stayed out longer if I let her! She was enthralled with standing by the fence and looking through it. :) I don't know why Carter isn't wearing a coat, but I"m sure he had a good reason. :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sleeping with Dad

David and I were both sick on Saturday night, so Sunday we were both tired...not to mention that David was working 'til midnight on Saturday. So...we took turns watching the kids so the other one could sleep. When I was watching them, they were pretty wild and kept me on my toes. When David watched them, this is what happened: Lucky!

Friday, November 19, 2010

The blessing of a princess

I often refer to Kacianna as Princess because that is what she is. :) These pictures are long, long overdue, but they deserve to be posted. We traveled to Colorado the beginning of May for two very special reasons. The first was so that we could attend Daniel and Charbel's wedding reception. This ended up being a very different reception in that the bride and groom were not in attendance! Charbel's visa had not come through yet, so they were stranded in Mexico, but the show must go on and it did. We were sad not to have them there, but enjoyed their party while they watched via Skype.

We figured since all of our families would be there, we should bless our Princess while we were out there, so we did. It was stake conference for our parents' (they live in the same stake) so we ended up blessing her at David's parents' house.

We were sad that Daniel, Charbel, AJ, Cindy, and LYla could not be there (Lyla was sick and had to go to the ER for a high temp), but here are a bunch of pictures to remind us of what went on.

David gave Kacianna a beautiful blessing and as you can see, she looked like a princess and had many people who love her around.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Random spring and early summer

I'm not catching up quickly, but I am going to catch up! Here are some pics that I came across from the spring and early summer.

As you can see, I really liked accessorizing my only daughter...and that was all well and good until she discovered how to pull anything off her head off. Now, since she doesn't have much hair, I have to settle for small bows made of ribbon corn syruped to her head.

As you can see here

and here

Kaci really enjoyed those little baggies that you can put fruit into....the really messy fruit we had to take off her shirt for

ANd there are a few pics of Mason and Carter thrown in too.