Thursday, February 17, 2011

Kacianna's first birthday

Kaci's first birthday was pretty low key, but we tried to make it special for her. We wanted to take her to the Children's Museum in Salt Lake, but the weather and roads were really bad, so we decided to postpone that (pics of that to hopefully follow).

We have a tradition that we unintentionally started with Mason's first birthday to get helium balloons to celebrate. The kids always love them and get hours of play from them. Kaci was so enthralled by her balloon and always had to have it near her.

The boys never grow tired of this tradition and I'm glad that we stumbled upon it! They always beg to get helium balloons and since they sell them at the dollar store, it is a treat that I don't mind getting them! You can't see the actual balloons in these pictures, but you can see their strings and imagine how fun they are!

Since Christmas was just five days before, Kaci was ready and excited to use her new present-opening skills again. She really seemed to enjoy opening her presents and understand what was going on.

Kaci is already showing a love of shoes and despite the look on her face in this picture, was VERY excited to see the new boots Grandma and Grandpa got her. The look in this picture is because we aren't putting them on her feet quick enough. I have a pic somewhere of her wearing them that I will have to add.

And then of course, what first birthday would be complete without letting the star of the day devour as much yummy cake as they want?

Big brothers had to get in to it, too of course! We are so happy that we have such a sweet, beautiful one-year-old in our home now! The years are just flying by. David was able to make one of his famous personalized cakes a few days later so that we could celebrate again with Kaci when his family was passing through and that blog post is due up next!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

a few pictures..

I decided th
at I wouldn't do long explanations like i was planning 'cuz that was keeping me from posting. Here are some pictures of our Christmas. We had a fun first Christmas without any family besides ourselves, but hope that next year we will be able to be in Colorado!