Saturday, December 11, 2010

Preschool Graduation June 2010

From day one, Mason has loved preschool. He has a really great teacher, Miss Rachel. He attended school two days a week for two hours and this was just perfect for him. He looked forward to it and really learned a lot. Since Miss Rachel only lives a block away, we get to walk there, which makes it fun, too. Mason was unbelievably excited and hyper for his graduation. He felt so grown up and he was so enthusiastic. It really meant a lot that Uncle Dan, aunt Charbel and aunt Katie were able to come to show support. It meant a lot to have them attend his special day. Mason proudly sung all the songs and reminded his teacher of all the parts coming up in the program. David and I were so proud of our friendly, outgoing, enthusiastic boy! We hope that this is a great start for him and that he continues to love learning throughout his life! Carter can't wait for his turn at preschool so that "Miss Rachel will color with me!!" :) You can see in one of the pictures that Carter is already practicing for his turn!