Sunday, May 30, 2010


  • Carter loves to share with kids younger than he is. One Sunday, he saw a little girl who was starting to cry sitting across the aisle from us. He had a Sesame Street book and slid it across the aisle to her....and she stopped crying. Similar things to this have happened several times. He always looks so proud of himself after he shares.
  • "help me!" (when he's stuck on the counter)
  • "Taste one" One night he followed Uncle Aaron around for at least 1/2 an hour with a 10-pound bag of potatos yelling "taste one!" and trying to get Aaron to eat a raw potato.
  • He always shares with Mason and wants to make sure that Mason gets one of whatever he is getting (popsicle, fruit, cracker, etc.)
  • I brought home a candy treat one day from the store and Mason was sleeping. Carter kept demanding to give Mason's his, and then he went and put it right next to his face so he could see it when he woke up.
  • Carter loves to wash his hands...and now all his toys in the bathroom sink.
  • One night his pajama pants were on crooked. Carter came up to me saying "weird!" When I fixed them and asked if that was better he said "yeah" and ran off to play again.
  • Everytime I take trash out, Carter waits excitedly by the door and then slams it in my face just as I'm about to come in. When I open the door, he is running as fast as he can, giggling to sit on the couch.
  • He often says "Cold!" And then sits by the heater
  • One day I was working and he brought me all of the way from the office and said "Cuddle couch!" When I sat down and cuddled him for a while, he said "Nice and warm."
  • "Watch simpsons!" in a mad voice when we turned it off
  • He walked in the room in obvious need of a diaper change. When I looked at him he said "Kacianna stinks!", trying to shift the blame. :)
  • Carter is so anxious to show his little sister things about the world around us. He repeatedly says "Look Kacianna- Jesus!!" when we are reading a Jesus book or "Look Kacianna...snow!" when we were looking out the window. He says this about most things.
  • ANy time we ask him a question lately the answer is, "Because.." and then he trails off. It's really cute the way he says it.
  • Another phrase that he says is "How 'bout" and then he finishes it with whatever he is wanting at the moment, i.e., peanuts, candy, go on walk etc
  • One day he came up to me and said "Eat- Ants!" Sure enough, there were little ants on his tongue. Gross! He got mad when I wouldn't let him have more.
  • Last Sunday, Carter was playing with a boy his age in front of us in Sacrament, just sharing toys back and forth...David asked him what his friend's name was and without thinking, Carter answered giggling, "Funny face."

Sunday, May 16, 2010


This is something that I've had in the works for awhile. When Mason says something cute and funny that I don't want to forget, I've tried to put it on this list. This is mainly for the sake of our remembering it and so he can see what cute things he said when he was little, but feel free to read on if you like. :) I have one for Carter coming in a few days. :)

  • "If you don't sleep you will get slower and slower!"
  • He sings ABCs loudly while washing hands
  • "If you're really brave Carter, I will give you a soccer ball (A candy one they got for Valentine's day) (Carter was up high on the counter or soemthing)
  • Making mouse traps. He will always get Carter to help him make a mouse trap, which usually entails gathering as many blankets as they can find and any sort of string or rope and draping the blankets over boxes and tangling up the string.
  • He makes Uncle Dan color with him at church- like he will grab Daniel's hand and force it to color if he stops. He actually hasn't done this in a whikle, but he used to!
  • After Carter says sorry to him and gives him a hug for pulling his hair, Mason said, "I love you carter!" Later i found out that he had said "i don't love you" when he got his hair pulled.
  • To Carter, "Good job buddy; I can count on you"
  • "Why is your dinner all ruined and jacked up?" to Carter after I handed Carter his plate with his food cut into bite-sized pieces.
  • "Help mommy find my shoes, lead her guide her, walk beside her." I heard him singing this on his bed when I was looking for his shoes so we could go to the park
  • When Mason and Carter got some pet frogs, Mason kept bringing all of his toys over to the aquarium and showing it to them.
  • Before preschool one day, "I washed my face otherwise my teacher will say "why do you have a messy face mason"?" in high pitched voice. I have probably used that as a reason why he needs to wash his face before.
  • He was lying and looking at his cousins' picture for long time. Then I heard him tell the picture, "I sure do miss you." :(
  • He came in and saw that Carter had knocked down a suitcase that was standing up in the office. When I told him that Carter had knocked it down he said, "were you thinking it was me?"
  • "Despite all my plans, i cannot fix the drawer...can you help me!"
  • One Sunday his eye got poked or something during sacrament meeting. He promptly bowed his head and repeated over and over, "Heavenly Father please help my eye to feel better." He looked up and exclaimed "My eye feels better!"...but then realized that it didn't yet so he repeated the same prayer until at last his eye did feel better.
  • "Are you supposed to wash AND dry apples?" When I told him that you didn't have to dry them if you were eating it right then, he looked guilty and said, "I accidentally dried it."