Friday, July 29, 2011

Pioneer Day Highlights and Lowlights

Our Pioneer Day...

  • Winning free passes to the pool for the kids' completing all the pioneer activities
  • Buying frozen bananas covered in chocolate and sharing them with my kids and remembering when I ate them in Disneyland so long ago as a kid. (Mason, Carter, and Kaci had to eat the bananas up before they could get their coveted treat - cotton candy) haha
  • Watching my boys compete in a root beer chugging contest, and Mason standing on his chair and jumping when the Elder in charge yelled "chug, chug, chug" because he thought he said "Jump, jump, jump" :)
  • Country music being played by the band in the park.
  • Watching my kids enjoy themselves
  • Having missionaries dressed in western and pioneer attire help the kids with the activities.
  • Free bottles of water available!
  • Carter's favorite- panning for gold and Mason's favorite - being in jail.
  • Kaci's favorite - riding in the stroller and spending time with her brothers doing big kid things. :)

Lowlights: :)
  • David having to work and be at clinicals all day and night the night before, day of, and night of so we had to go daddy and husband-less.
  • BOTH of my boys getting lost at one time or another. Mason was just going to turn his paper in for a prize and i found him quickly. I was very scared by the time we found Carter. We were playing at the park and he lost sight of me 'cuz i was helping Mason on the monkey bars. he tried to go back to the car (but I didn't know that's what he was doing). We (Me dragging Mason and Kaci) looked frantically all over and finally went to the information booth, where just when we walked up, a volunteer came up carrying Carter. She said she saw him lying on the sidewalk by the crosswalk. I think he was too afraid to cross the street by himself (thank goodness) and was just waiting for us. I am very grateful that my frantic silent prayers were answered that day and we were able to find Carter!
  • Getting yelled at by the owner of the old fashioned fire truck 'cuz Mason was on the top of it. I honestly didn't think about it that that might not be a good idea. :(
  • Forgetting to go to the petting zoo! I can't believe I did that. We were just so tired I guess, but I still can't believe that I forgot!